Some Common Myths About Online Learning

Online learning is gradually gaining popularity among people as the number of students opting for online courses has been on a rise for some time. However, there are still some misconceptions in this domain that prevent students from taking up online learning and hence need to be dispelled as early as possible.
Myth #1- Online Learning Ranks Lower In Quality than Conventional Learning
Fact: Most online courses are designed effectively such that they follow the best format as per the established standards. Though there may be some online courses whose quality may not be up to the mark, the same holds true for traditional education also.
Myth #2- Online Learning Is Easier Than Traditional Learning
Fact: Online learning requires students to work harder as compared to traditional learning. Since students need to conduct extensive research, they have to work for more duration of time.
Myth #3 – No Time Limit For Completing A Course
Fact: Gone are the days when you could learn at your own pace. Online learning, these days follows set time periods, similar to the traditional learning method. In case you are unable to complete the course within the stipulated time period, you may even fail in your chosen course. Therefore, we would suggest you enroll in an online course only if you can give time to it.
Myth #4 – Online Learning Covers Lesser Course Material
Fact: Online learning rather covers more course material within shorter course length. Students devote more time to it than they would have devoted during offline learning.
Myth #5 – Lacks Student Engagement & Participation
Fact: Learning online will not offer you anonymity. Online courses are in fact as engaging as traditional classes where you can interact with teachers and fellow students and even participate in discussions with them.
Myth #6 – You Have To Be Tech-Savvy To Learn Online
Fact: You do not have to be a computer genius to be able to learn online. If you know how to navigate a browser or how to connect to the internet, then that too is enough. Just some basic technological knowledge would go a long way towards helping you take the maximum out of the online courses.
Myth #7 – No Personal Attention Is Received
Fact: Contrary to what most people believe, students do receive ample attention from their mentors, thanks to the interactive nature of the online classes. In fact, some online classes emphasize mandatory student participation.
Myth #8 – It’s Alright To Procrastinate In An Online Class
Fact: Just because you are learning online, does not mean that you can put off doing your work till tomorrow. Delaying your assignments and submissions is not acceptable even in online courses. You need to abide by the schedules and meet the set deadlines.
This article must have cleared all the myths and notions you have had about online learning method. Once you enrol into online courses, you will realize that online learning is as beneficial and enlightening as its traditional counterparts

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