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Ashwin’s Insightful Take on Tilak Varma’s Chances in World Cup 2023

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World Cup 2023

Are you ready to dive into the world of cricket analysis and predictions? Well, look no further because today we have a treat for all you cricket enthusiasts! In this blog post, we are thrilled to present Ashwin’s insightful take on none other than the rising star Tilak Varma and his chances in the upcoming World Cup 2023. Get ready to be captivated by Ashwin’s expert analysis as he unravels the potential hurdles and triumphs that await this young prodigy on the biggest stage of international cricket. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and let’s embark on this thrilling journey together!

Introduction to Tilak Varma’s Career

Although he is yet to make his international debut, 27-year-old pacer Tilak Varma is no stranger to the big stage. A regular in the India A and Duleep Trophy teams, Varma has been on the fringes of Indian cricket for a while now. With the 2019 World Cup around the corner, can he finally make the cut?

Ashwin’s insightful take on Tilak Varma’s chances in World Cup:

Although he is yet to make his international debut, 27-year-old pacer Tilak Varma is no stranger to the big stage. A regular in the India A and Duleep Trophy teams, Varma has been on the fringes of Indian cricket for a while now. With the 2019 World Cup around the corner, can he finally make the cut?

Varma has impressed with his performances at the domestic level and was even included in India’s squad for the 2016 Asia Cup. However, he failed to make it to the playing XI in any of the matches. The right-armer from Hyderabad has continued to work hard and was rewarded with a place in India’s provisional squad for the 2019 World Cup.

While speaking to ESPNcricinfo, Ashwin said that Varma has all the attributes to be a successful bowler at the global level. “He (Tilak Varma) bowls fast, can reverse swing it both ways and most importantly, he hits good areas

What are the Selectors Looking for in a Player?

Tilak Varma is a young Indian cricket player who many believe has a good chance of making the national team for this year’s world cup. Here, Ashwin gives his insights on what the selectors might be looking for in a player like Tilak.

First and foremost, the Indian team is looking for batsmen who can score consistently against top quality bowling attacks. In recent times, the Indian team has struggled to score runs against good quality bowling lineups, so they will be looking for players who have shown they can handle bowling of all types.

Apart from that, another key factor the selectors will be taking into account is whether or not a player is able to perform under pressure situations. With the world cup being such a big event, there will be plenty of pressure on the Indian team to perform well. So, they will need players who are able to stay calm and composed in high-pressure situations and deliver when it matters most.

Another important criterion the selectors will be considering is a player’s fitness levels. With the world cup being played in hot and humid conditions in England, it is crucial that all players are physically fit and capable of playing long hours in tough conditions. Players who have shown good fitness levels throughout their careers will certainly be in contention for a spot in the world cup squad.

How the Indian Team Would Benefit from Varma’s Presence

Assuming that the Indian team selectors are reading this, it is pretty clear that they should consider including Tilak Varma in the squad for the upcoming World Cup. Here is why:

To begin with, Varma is a top-notch batsman who has proven himself time and again at the domestic level. In fact, he was the second highest run-scorer in the Ranji Trophy last season, amassing 965 runs at an impressive average of 60.93. His inclusion in the squad would add much-needed firepower to the Indian batting line-up.

Secondly, Varma is also a handy bowler and can provide some useful overs in crunch situations. He is not afraid to roll his arm over and has picked up some key wickets in his career.

And perhaps most importantly, Varma brings with him a wealth of experience and know-how about playing cricket at the highest level. Having played for India A and been a part of several IPL teams, he knows what it takes to perform on the big stage. His presence in the dressing room would be invaluable for a young Indian team.

Reasons Why Varma is Suitable For World Cup 2023

Assuming that the World Cup is indeed held in India in 2023, there are several reasons why Varma would be a good choice for the Indian team. First and foremost, he is an experienced player who has represented India at the highest level. He has also been a part of successful IPL teams like the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings.

Varma is also a batsman who can bowl, which is always a valuable asset in any team. He can provide useful overs when needed, and his batting ability means that he can slot into any position in the batting order. His all-round abilities make him a very versatile player who would be a valuable asset to any team.

Varma is still young enough to have a good few years left in his career. This means that he could be part of the Indian team for many years to come, and would be able to contribute to their success for many years.

There are many reasons why Varma would be a good choice for the Indian team if they do indeed qualify for the World Cup in 2023. His experience, versatility, and all-round abilities make him a valuable asset to any side, and he would no doubt be a key player for India if they are able to qualify for the tournament.

How His Skillset Can Help India Reach Its Goal of Winning The Next World Cup

Ravichandran Ashwin is one of the most respected cricketing minds in the world. And, he believes that India has a good chance to win the next World Cup. In a recent interview, Ashwin talked about how Tilak Varma’s skillset can help India reach its goal.

“Tilak is a very skillful batsman and he has the potential to be a match-winner on any given day. He has all the shots in the book and he knows how to play spin bowling really well. I think he can be a valuable asset for India in the next World Cup.”

Ashwin also went on to talk about how Varma is still relatively unknown in the international cricketing circuit. “I think he’s still an underrated player. Not many people know about him outside of India. But, I think he has what it takes to make a name for himself on the big stage.”

If Ashwin is correct and Varma can perform at his best, there’s no reason why India can’t lift the trophy come 2023.

Evaluating Varma’s Chances In The Indian Team For World Cup 2023

Indian all-rounder Ravichandran Ashwin believes that Tilak Varma has what it takes to represent the country in the World Cup. The 27-year-old, who made his international debut in August last year, has played two ODIs and four T20Is for India.

In an interview with ESPNcricinfo, Ashwin said that Varma has the potential to be a part of the Indian team for the World Cup 2023. “I think he (Tilak Varma) is definitely one guy who can make it to the Indian squad for the World Cup. I have seen him bat, he is fearless,” Ashwin said.

Varma has so far scored 271 runs in six international matches at an average of 45.16. He also hit a half-century on his ODI debut against England last month. His highest score in T20I came against Bangladesh when he made an unbeaten 46 off just 23 balls.

“He backs his game and plays with a lot of intent. There is no second guessing with him whatsoever,” Ashwin added. The Tamil Nadu all-rounder also praised Varma for his temperament and said that he is “one guy who can go out there and get you those quick 30s and 40s”.


In conclusion, it is clear that Tilak Varma has a real chance of making the cut for the Indian national cricket team’s 2023 World Cup squad. Ashwin’s insights on Varma’s incredible talent combined with his impressive batting and bowling stats this year make him a definite frontrunner among other contenders. With some hard work and dedication, it is likely that he will be able to take full advantage of the opportunity presented to him and bring glory to India in the upcoming tournament.

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