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Perceive The Eligibility Of Self-Employed Program: Best Immigration Consultants In India- Lex Move

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Best Immigration Consultants for Canada

Best Immigration Consultants for Canada

 If your dream is to settle in Canada as a self-employed person? If you are a professional in the field of dancing, painting, athletics, photography, journalism, or in any profession. The Canada Self-employed person program is an exemplary choice. A Canadian Immigration Consultants In Delhi help you with righteous guidelines to make your immigration procedure stress-free!

There are more than 60 immigration programs to migrate to Canada. An Immigration Consultant For Canada plays an important role in immigration procedures. They help you to know the eligibility, identifying, and understanding about the program and help you to surpass the immigration application.

But what is Canada self-employed program? 

A Canada self-employed program is designed especially for an interested applicant who wants to settle down in Canada as a self-employed person. If you want to be a self-employed person then you must have pertinent experience in any particular profession. You are competent to make an appreciable contribution to the Canadian economy. Before applying you have to meet the eligibility criteria for Canada’s self-employed program.

Eligibility criteria for Canada self-employed program

If you want to immigrate as a self-employed person and to become a Canada PR Visa holder under this program. You are eligible for Canada Immigration through a self-employed person when you have:-

  • Have 2 years of relevant experience of self-employment in a particular profession
  • Have a desire to work on a permanent basis
  • Contribute to Canada sports and culture by taking part in activities
  • Have minimum score criteria of 35 out of 100
  • Once you migrate to Canada you have adequate funds to support yourself and your family members
  • Have a medical certificate to prove the fitness along with your family
  • Have a police clearance certificate to prove the family country

If you meet the above conditions then you are eligible for Canada self-employed person program. Lex move is the Best Canada PR Consultant In India that helps you with the selection criteria for this program. The selection criteria are based upon your experience, age, language, and education.

How can you apply for Canada Self-employed person program?

Lex move helps you to apply for Canada self-employed person program with step by step process. Below are the steps you have to do:-

  • Preparations of documentation
  • Compose your application
  • Submit the application fee
  • Register your application
  • Review and approval of an application

Lex move is a team of professionals for Best Canada Immigration Service that assists you at every step of your application. We are here to support you until you reach Canada. Get in touch with our professionals for a hassle-free process! 

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