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Hardware Software Selection | Preocedure To Follow

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Hardware Software Selection | Preocedure To Follow

Hardware/ Software Selection: A major element in building system is selecting compatible hardware and software. Hardware and software selection begins with requirements analysis, followed by a request for proposal and vendor selection.

Procedure for Hardware/ Software Selection

Steps of Selection Process are

  1. Requirement Analysis
  2. System Specifications
  3. Request for proposal
  4. Evaluation & validation
  5. Vendor selection
  6. Post-installation review


1. Requirement Analysis

In this step, consider the following:

  • Users requirements
  • Organizations objectives
  • The environment in which the system is being installed
  • User’s resources
  • Budget

2. System Specifications

System specifications must reflect the following:

  • System objectives
  • User’s requirements
  • Flow charts
  • Input Output requirements
  • Cost
  • The specification must describe each aspect of the system clearly, consistently & completely.

3. Request For Proposal(RFP)

After the requirements analysis & system specification have been determined, a RFP is drafted & sent to selected vendors for bidding. The request for proposal should include the following:

  • Complete system specification
  • Terms & conditions
  • Time frame
  • Quantity
  • Minimum warranty period
  • Training responsibilities
  • Conversion responsibilities

4. Evaluation & Validation

The evaluation phase ranks vendor proposals & determines the one best suited to the user’s needs. It looks into items such as;

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Technical Support
  • System validation ensures that the vendor can, in fact, match his/her claims, especially system performance.

5. Vendor Selection

This step determines the “winner” the vendor with the best combination of reputation, reliability, service record, training, delivery time, lease/finance terms & conversion schedule.

6. Post-installation Review

After installation, system specifications & user requirements are audited to pinpoint & correct any differences.

Criteria for Software Selection:

a) Readability

Readability means that he person other than a programmer can understand it easily.

b) Integrity

Refers to the accuracy of computation & results.

c) Generality

Generality means it can be used under different situations & requirements.

d) Modularity

Means writing software in modules

e) Portability

Means running the same software on different computer systems.

f) Capacity

Capacity refers to be a capability of the software package to handle user requirement for the size of files, a number of data elements, the volume of transactions & reports etc.

g) Minimal Cost

Cost is the major consideration in deciding between in house & vendor software.

h) Documentation

It should be well documented

i) Efficiency

The software be executed fast & occupy less memory space.

j) Performance

It refers to throughout or how efficiently package performs under peak loads.

k) Security

It should be the source.

l) Quality

It should be bug-free.

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