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What is Feasibility Report-Contents of Feasibility Report

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What is Feasibility Report-Contents of Feasibility Report

Feasibility report is a formal document for management use & is prepared by system analyst during or after feasibility study.

  • Feasibility report must be brief & sufficiently non- technical so that it will be easily understandable.
  • It must be detailed enough to provide the basis for system design.

Contents of Feasibility Report

  1. Covering Letter

It formally presents the report with a brief description of the project problem along with recommendations to be considered.


  1. Table of Contents

It list the various parts of the feasibility report along with their page numbers.


  1. Overview

It presents the overview of the project problem along with purpose & scope of the project.


  1. Description of Existing system

A brief description of the existing system along with its deficiencies.


  1. System Requirements

The system requirements are presented in this section.


  1. Description of Proposed System

It presents a general description of the proposed system, highlighting its role in solving the problem.


  1. Development Plan

It presents a detailed plan with starting & completion dates for different phases of SDLC.


  1. Technical Feasibility Findings

It presents the findings of technical feasibility study along with recommendations.


  1. Costs & Benefits Analysis

The savings & benefits are highlighted to justify the economic feasibility of the project.


  1. Operational Feasibility Findings

It presents the findings of operational feasibility along with human resource requirements to implement the system.


Oral Presentation 

The presentation may aim at informing , confirming or persuading the general outline of oral presentation is given below;

  1. Introduction
  2. Self introduction by the analyst
  3. A brief introduction of the topic
  4. A brief description of the existing system

i.Specify the drawbacks of the existing system

ii.Highlight user dissatisfaction with it

iii.Specify how the proposed system can solve the problem

  1. Body of Presentation
  2. Describe existing system

. Highlight drawback of the existing system

. Highlight how the existing system cannot satisfy the user

  1. Describe proposed system

. Highlight system requirements

. Highlight scope& objectives of proposed system

. Highlight savings& benefits of proposed system

  1. Summarise implementation plan & schedule
  2. Review human resource requirements to install a system


  1. Conclusion

Summarize the proposal

Summarize the objectives & recommendations

Summarize the benefits & savings


  1. Discussion Period

Answer Question Session

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